Acorn Arcade Gaming news and views Installing the new ROM release for your Titanium I can confirm installed on my machine and work flawlessly. Has a nice, little installer App I'm back... Sounds like a lot has happened and also your impression on returning to RISC OS? I'm back... Again? I'm back... There is a RISC OS project that I've been asked about, and I'm just at the preliminary investigation stages to judge its scope and complexity. I'm back... Would you like to do an interview for Icon Bar? Installing the new ROM release for your Titanium R-Comp has sent out an email to their Titanium users with details of their software update. I'm back... It's good to see a such a well known name return to RISC OS, or at least the iconbar forum. I'm back... Excellent, thanks. RC15 bring RISC OS to any Raspberry Pi I fully agree. I've had a 3 for a couple of weeks, running RC15 as did the preceding Pi2, and would say that in general use, as the benchmarks imply, it is 50-150% faster than the Pi2. I have also been pleasantly surprised by the lack of compatibility issues, which I did think beforehand would be a problem. I'm back... I did thanks very much. (The courier has just collected it!) I nearly mentioned above we sell the batteries but thought trying to flog you stuff as my response wasn't appropriate.