Acorn Arcade Gaming news and views RISC OS London Show 2017 The show is next Saturday, hope you are all prepared! Retrospective thoughts on 12 months of Titanium ownership I can tell you've been using your titanium for iconbar articles, all the screenshots have the Blue and Red the wrong way round AMCS free versions are live! New free versions of AMCS (b20102017dt) MIDI/audio sequencer, now available for download from the website >>> In praise of !ShareFS James Woodcock is pretty much maintaining this now. He's certainly been doing all the development on it these past few years! In praise of !ShareFS There is a free ShareFS implementation for Unix. I think it works on Linux, but I don't know for sure if it works on Mac OS X. In praise of !ShareFS I use ShareFS constantly to share between my RISC PC, Pi and VirtualArcs. In praise of !ShareFS provided both machines have the same netmask, overlapping netmasks is not sufficient. In praise of !ShareFS ARCshare by Brian Heslop: In praise of !ShareFS I think the way forward is probably to leave existing ShareFS "1.0" as-is (perhaps with added diagnostics) for compatibility with pre-existing systems, as there is a need for sharing files with older systems back to RO 3.1. In praise of !ShareFS If it works, ShareFS (aka Access) is ok'ish. The way the sharing works is easy, which is probably the only reason to actually use it. Having it available on most RISC OS machines out-of-the-box is a big plus.