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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: An update on the Fantasia Front

An update on the Fantasia Front

Posted by Keith McKillop on 18:00, 7/9/2000 | ,
Fantasia FAN seem to make few appearances in the RISC OS Gaming Scene these days. However, they have not been idle, and it appears that they are hard at work on some interesting games for the RISC OS world.

Toy ChronicalsOne of their latest projects is Toy Chronicals, a 2D Platformer with 3D graphics, not at all dissimilar to their first game, Wizard's Apprentice. Toy Chronicals appears to be progressing nicely, although they did not mention a release date. Fantasia are also working on another native RISC OS game, which they are keeping fairly top secret. They did mention that it would be a Fast 3D sprite-based Arcade game, supporting resolutions of up to 2048*2048*32bpp (if available on the machine!), multiplayer up to 5 players, and backwards compatible with earlier machines too.

This all sounds very impressive, so we can't wait for Fantasia to show a demonstration of what they have in store for the RISC OS gaming scene! They say there will be more news next month, so watch this space.

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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: An update on the Fantasia Front