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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: News roundup [updated * 2]

News roundup [updated * 2]

Posted by Jeffrey Lee on 19:13, 21/8/2004 | ,
  • Nevryon, Technodream and StereoWorld now available on CD
    The Fourth Dimension have recently released two CD's of games. The first is a double pack containing the two classic space shoot-em-ups Nevryon and Technodream, and is available for 5.90 plus 1 postage within the UK.

    The second is the eye-straining StereoWorld, "the comprehensive suite of stereographic games, illustrations and stereographic image creators". This version is fully Iyonix compatible, and for a limited time will come with a free copy of the PC version too. The pack is available for 7.90 plus 1 postage within the UK.

    For more information about Nevryon and Technodream or StereoWorld, have a clicky at those two threads on csa.anounce. Yes, those right there.

  • New X11 games ported by the Unix Porting Project
    A Rick Dangerous clone (xrick), first person 3D shooter (Aleph1), and updated Ultima IV (xu4) have been released on the Unix Porting Project's website. There are also many other games available, all ported from Unix platforms, as well as a multitude of non-games. Don't forget that although all software is available free of charge, you can register your support by subscribing to the project.

  • Websites struck down by the hackers
    At this moment in time, a couple of games-related RISC OS websites are still offline following the hacking of our server. These are NetChess and Little Yellow Moon, although hopefully they'll be up again soon.
    UPDATE: Although I forgot to mention it earlier, the Asylum/Oddball/GameSuite website asylum.acornarcade.com is also offline at the moment.
    UPDATE 2: NetChess now appears to be back online.

  • New version of Napoleon II
    Ian Hamilton has updated his site with version 1.06 of Napoleon II, a RISC OS 5-friendly version of Alan Stout's Napoleon game (as seen in Risc User).

  News roundup [updated * 2]
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Guest Message #87665, posted at 10:35, 23/8/2004
Unregistered user does anyone know if the Nevryon/Technodream CD works on the Iyonix ?
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Guest Message #87666, posted at 01:12, 24/8/2004, in reply to message #87665
Unregistered user Why don't the UPP ever announce this on comp.sys.acorn.announce? They are shooting themselves in the foot.
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Guest Message #87667, posted at 18:55, 25/8/2004, in reply to message #87666
Unregistered user Because they announced it on www.drobe.co.uk !
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Guest Message #87668, posted at 18:58, 25/8/2004, in reply to message #87667
Unregistered user Why don't Guest users announce who they are, otherwise they are making comments with impunity (not to mention ignorance)

FYI, the UPP announces stuff on the most read RISC OS news site, on its mailing list, on its RSS feeds and on its software webpage. Stuff even appears on OSNews.

And yes, if you actually read csaa, stuff has been announced there, although these particular games didn't merit mention in a separate post given the project has so many games already.

nuff said. Please try to be informed next time.
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Guest Message #87669, posted at 10:56, 26/8/2004, in reply to message #87668
Unregistered user I agree, guest users should always state clearly who they are ;)
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Guest Message #87670, posted at 00:19, 27/8/2004, in reply to message #87669
Unregistered user I haven't seen a single mention of any new UPP software on CSAA of late. Please correct me if I wrong. CSAA I regard as the main news outlet for RISC OS.

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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: News roundup [updated * 2]