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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: The Acorn Arcade PD League

The Acorn Arcade PD League

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 01:00, 7/7/2001 | ,
Writing free or nearly free games is often a thankless task, and it is very difficult to guage the game's success - often a programmer will never know just how loved their game turned out to be.
In the interests of this important hotbed of talent, and to provide readers with an easy way to get at the very best in PD and Shareware games, Acorn Arcade have started a PD Awards Scheme.
Any games released will enter our league below (its position will be voted on by the members of the Acorn Arcade team and the general public), and particular recognition will go to those games that make it to the top five at any time.
  • The Acorn Arcade Gold PD Award will go to the authors of any game to hit the No. 1 spot. They may display the award graphic wherever they wish.
  • The Acorn Arcade Silver and Bronze awards will go to games that are placed 2nd or 3rd.
  • The Acorn Arcade PD Excellence Award will go to 4th or 5th placed games.
Aside from the accolade, we are considering the possibility of some form of prize for Award winners, to attempt to inject some competitiveness into the world of PD games programming and raise the standards.

The League

Gold1.Super Foul EggOwain ColeFreeware
[SILVER]2.AbuseLee NoarFreeware
Peter TeichmannFreeware
[TOP PD]4.PligSkullsoftFreeware
[TOP PD]5.MarsquakePaul TaylorFreeware
7.SpotsMoving PixelsShareware
8.Nuclear HolocaustGraham CrockfordShareware
9.RailProJos KeizersFreeware
10.BloxedSteven SingerFreeware

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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: The Acorn Arcade PD League