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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Ankh Walkthrough

Ankh Walkthrough

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 00:00, 30/10/2000 | , ,

Ankh is the latest release from Artex software and since it is so devilishly tricky, we've put together a complete walkthrough for you to refer to in times of need.

We advise that you either print this page or click here to download a full off-line copy because you'll probably need to refer to it more than once!

Big thanks go out to Jan Klose, the author of the game, for supplying the original text and allowing us to amend and publish this document.


  1. Always look at the items you¹re carrying, the descriptions might help you.
  2. To simply use an item without combining, just click USE and double-click the object.


Part 1

The first steps:
Go to the Nile, pick up the green leaves from the near side of the Nile. There is one point on the left hand side of the right hand bush where leaves may be picked up.
Take the leaves back to the father and talk to the chappie down the hole who chucks the spanner out.

[Bin]Fixing the spanner:
Pick up screw from the rubbish bin sign outside house (and the sign as well).

Use the screw with the spanner and give it back to the worker down the hole.

Getting the apron:
Talk to the blind trader in the second market scene (with the bloke on the flying carpet), get his scissors. Go to the near bank of the Nile, use the scissors with the moist stone, this will sharpen them. Now take the scissors back to the trader.

Crossing the Nile:
You¹ll need to get the silver coin back from terrorists, to give to the ferryman. Talk to the terrorists and they¹ll offer you the coin in exchange for food.

Making the burger:
Take some corn from the offerings outside the palace where the guards are and use it with the burger man¹s roof. The bird will then fly onto the roof and whilst the stall keeper is gone, steal the ingredients and use them with each other to make a burger.

Then take the burger to the terrorists and get the coin back and use it to pay the ferry man for a ride across the Nile.

Killing the crocodile:

  1. Look at the cans on the left of the scene.
  2. Pick up the tin key, open the chest and pickup all the items within.
  3. Pick up the priest staff, use it with the large rock, pick up the leg.
  4. Use leg with crocodile¹s mouth.
  5. Use the sabre (from the chest) with the crocodile.

Finding the way in the desert:
Enter the Cairo¹s (give the trashcan sign to entrance), use the sign as ID by say your name is ©Nohotashis¹.

Once you get chucked out, combine the thread with the magnet and you¹ll get yourself a compass!

Getting the map from armandine:
Talk to Armandine and show interest in the map. She wants gold but will accept something else valuable looking.

Making the brush to clean the telescope:
Use the brush with no bristles (from Dad¹s house) with bristles (camel hair from camels next to Obelisks in desert across the Nile).

You¹ll receive a map that leads you to a certain place in the desert (the oasis).

Scaring the guards:
Talk to the right hand palace guard, you¹ll find he¹s scared of crocodiles but the crocodile skin must be dried before use.

You¹ll need the wet crocodile skin, a rope and a place to fix both.

The ambassador¹s carpet is ticklish. Get the feather from daddy¹s desk and use it with the carpet (several times). Pick up the rope from the pot.

Go to the oasis, there are two palms you can use to fix the rope.

Put the skin on the rope, leave the screen, come back, pick up the skin, et viola.

Go to the palace, use the skin (click ©use¹ then double-click on the dried crock skin).

Part 2

[Market]Finding the princess:
Go to the oasis, you¹ll find a sad genie there. Talk to him. He knows where the princess might be, so helping him will help you. You need to get the lamp out of the water so you need someone who can dive. This is the slave. To get rid of the slave driver, get is favourite drink, the Sun of Cairo. You can get the recipe from the wine merchant by giving the chocolate bar to the cat then asking what drinks he has on sale. You¹ll get a bottle from the meditating man at the Nile if you talk with him about certain things.

Sun of Cairo - tomatoes, pepper:
You need to get the chilli sauce from the kitchen, so you must get the cook and the guard to leave and the cat to move...

The cook:
The cook will accept your apron.

The guard:
Pick up the flower pot from the entrance hall. Use the lift then use the flower pot with the small window above the Pharaoh¹s throne.

The cat:
This cat likes fish. Open the trashcan in front of daddy¹s house, pick up the fish bone. Use the fish bone with the ant street, and pick up the chilli (which is made of tomatoes and pepper). Use the chilli with the bottle.

Sun of Cairo-oil:
The caravan must move so the souvenir man can move so you can steal the oil lamp and the glass with beetles from his stand. The caravan needs their leader (drunken bloke who appears in front of daddy¹s house).

Get the bucket (with hole) out of the kitchen, go to the Nile, fill the bucket, hurry to the drunken man, use the bucket with the man and he¹ll leave, so the caravan will leave, so the tourists will move.

Now steal the lamp and the beetles. Now where¹s that damn oil...? Open the lamp, and there it is, the oil. Use the oil with the bottle.

The deadly skonkh:
You need something deadly. You¹ll find rat poison inside a hole in the kitchen if you look for it. Use the rat poison with the bottle.

The dates:
There¹s a date palm at the oasis. Pick up the stones on the right side of the Nile, use the stones with the date palm leaves, and pick up the dates. Use the dates with the bottle.

Now give the Sun of Cairo to the slave driver, and go to the oasis together with the slave. When you are returned to the Pharaoh¹s palace after talking with the genie, make sure you talk with the Pharaoh otherwise you won¹t be given your next task!

Part 3

Making light:
Use the piece of glass with the construction.

Crossing the gap:
Pick up the loose plank in the room with the large Egyptian paintings. Use the plank with the gap.

Getting the time machine to work:
Talk to the break-dancers, they¹ll give you a time machine to fix.

Leave the Sphinx by going through the door to the left of the break dancers and then doubling back on yourself and going in the door from which you have just emerged. This takes you onto the balcony, take the other door to a small room. Whilst in the small room pick up the bone and cartwheel, these will come in handy later. Leave the room and you¹ll be back infront of the Sphinx. When you need to return, you can do so through the same doorway.

Once out of the Sphinx, go to the aqueduct worker down the hole, he¹ll fix the machine. Bring it back to the break-dancers. They¹ll let you keep it.

Entering the tomb (A):
Now that the break-dancers have moved, you can pick up the silver scarab that¹s fixed next to the sealed door among with several golden ones which can¹t be removed.

Leave the Sphinx, give the silver scarab to Armandine. She¹ll give you a hollow golden one in exchange. Use the golden one with the empty space, and the first part of the door will open. You need to get the machine to work for the second.

Getting further into the labyrinth:
Pick up the wedge from the shining golden statue, use it with the left door at the top of the room with the gap bridged by the plank from earlier. This will open another door that¹ll lead to the machinery to open the final part of the inner pyramid.

[Machine]Fixing the machine (entering the tomb, part B):

Small empty space:
Pick up the sun hieroglyph in the first room (it is mounted on the back wall towards the right hand side).

Large empty space:
Pick up the wagon wheel in the small room on the way out of the Sphinx.


Pick up the rope in the first room, use it here.

Pick up the bone in the small room on the way out of the Sphinx. Now use the slot, and the machine will move; the inner tomb is now open.

The room with the energy field:
You need two things; one must be placed onto the construction, another onto the stone next to the door. Place the golden figure onto the stone. Now it¹s the time to use the time machine: Charge it by using it with the energy field. Now put the sand onto the construction... and there you are.

Entering the underworld:
Pick up the baseball set. Now use the teleporter while the mummy pushes the button.

The hell hound:
Let him catch the baseball. Firstly separate the baseball from the set by looking at it.

Entering Osiris¹ throne room:
Go to the dead Libyan terrorist, pick up his dynamite, use it with the hole in the first room. Climb through the new hole. Pick up the dead plants and combine them with the scarabs, then put them in the burning river. Now the guard will have disappeared.

Rescue the princess:
Enter the throne room; your time is limited because Domi will get afraid and will leave the room. To 'entertain' Osiris, use the holy scarabs with him. Don¹t worry that your glass gets emptier every time you do this; you¹ll not be able to mess things up completely.

Getting the one-armed bandit to work:
This machine will rescue the princess. Use the baseball bat with the small slot on the right of the machine. Then pull the lever three times. Now the princess is rescued.

Osiris' final attack:
When back on the surface, get rid of Osiris by combining the only two possible objects: Use the souvenir trader with Osiris.

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