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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Archive 26:1 reviewed

Archive 26:1 reviewed

Posted by Mark Stephens on 07:42, 1/11/2022 |
The next edition of Archive magazine (and the start of the second volume under its new editor) should be dropping onto your doorstep soon.

If it lands with a slightly softer thud, that is because Gavin has used every trick in the book (and several not in it) to keep the weight (and hence the cost of it down). The price remains the same for this edition, despite the print costs doubling. Don't worry, because inside, it is still a monster, with 48 pages of news, reviews, tutorials and even some ads.
With the new edition, you will also notice some other changes. The logos on the front have changed (it's now the RISC OS cog), and there is a tighter focus on RISC OS articles.
As Gavin explains in his editorial, it is still a work in progress (and a learning journey). So do let him have your feedback (I like what he has done with the place personally).
The magazine starts with 6 pages of news articles (bang up to date) and with website links. There is a review of PinBoard 2.0 and 3D Pingu.
There is a new section featuring interviews with people from the RISC OS World - we kick off with David Pilling. Another new section asks users to tells us about their favourite 'hidden gems'. Andy Marks gets the ball rolling with 3 very useful free tools.
There are plenty of interesting articles from users. John McCartney tells us how he managed to 'Resuscitate' the Dr Wimp Surgery guide. Richard Asbery looks at String art in ArtWorks. Rob Sprowson continues to experiment with the Pic microcontroller. Harriet Bailey updates her dictionary on eSpeak.
Packed into the magazine, you will also find hints and tips, letters, a fun show graphics program on the Yellow pages (in yellow!) and the regular Acorn retro column.
Overall it is great to see Archive going from strength to strength with its new edition and there is lots to keep any RISC OS user entertained. If you are a subscriber, you are in for a treat (and if you are not perhaps you should check out what you are missing).
Archive website
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Archive 26:1 reviewed