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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Artex release new Iron Dignity trailer

Artex release new Iron Dignity trailer

Posted by Tim Fountain on 22:50, 6/11/2000 | ,
Artex Software have released a brand new 3-minute film trailer for Iron Dignity, with even more "ooo" and "ahh" graphics and another great soundtrack. Weighing in at 74Mb it's a bit of a hefty download, but definitely worth it if you're on a free or fast connection. For the majority of you who aren't, here are a few screenshots (all 50% quality JPEGs):

Buggy thing Headlights at Christmas
The flooding's got worse so they sent in the army Headlights are useful when dodging Christmas trees
Shield effects Reflections
Shield effects Relections
Battleship Underwater
How cool is that! Underwater vehicles
Rocket buggy
If you ever want a wall removed... Add 3 months to that date for the RISC OS version

Bear in mind that it looks even better when moving and with the music in the background. Some people have reported problems running the clip in MovieFS, but if you've got a PC lying around for such crisis' Windows Media Player won't have any trouble with it.

This was all done from the PC version of the game of course, and quite how the Risc PC version will compare graphics/speedwise nobody knows. We'll have more up-to-date info on Iron Dignity very soon!

  Artex release new Iron Dignity trailer
  (13:28 7/11/2000)
  Rob T (13:56 8/11/2000)
    Rich Mackin (01:50 9/11/2000)
      Richard Possnett (15:42 9/11/2000)
        Bob (07:22 10/11/2000)
          Tim Fountain (15:56 10/11/2000)
            [Steve] (21:55 10/11/2000)
              Michael Stubbs (01:41 12/11/2000)
                Gareth (00:57 10/12/2000)
a.weston Message #86804, posted at 13:28, 7/11/2000
Unregistered user I don't mind at all waiting for a few months or for a slightly cut-down version graphics-wise. I'm just glad that the signs are it will be released for RISC OS. Look foward to the new news Tim!
Remember: send your encouraging comments to artex :-)
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Rob T Message #86805, posted at 13:56, 8/11/2000, in reply to message #86804
Unregistered user OK, thats very cool.
But wheres the video, its not on (click click)
aaahhh, its in the news section
of iron-dignity.com
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Rich Mackin Message #86806, posted at 01:50, 9/11/2000, in reply to message #86805
Unregistered user *drool*... If only there was a DreamCast version, then I could actually play it :) Still, keep up the good work!
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Richard Possnett Message #86807, posted at 15:42, 9/11/2000, in reply to message #86806
Unregistered user Looks nice.. I remember someone from Artex saying that they were having trouble getting it to run at a decent speed on a Risc PC, and this could be (possibly) fixed by the Imago or even Kinetic. Ideally it would run on an XScale in an Omega, but the code won't be 32 bit..
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Bob Message #86808, posted at 07:22, 10/11/2000, in reply to message #86807
Unregistered user Hate to pee on the bonfire here but maybe your shouldn't count on having a RISC OS version if you know what I mean.
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Tim Fountain Message #86809, posted at 15:56, 10/11/2000, in reply to message #86808
Unregistered user You never know what unforseen problems may crop up, but I think a RISC OS version is pretty likely. See this thread on the TIB forums.

Feel free to pee on bonfires whenever you like, but at least use your real and full name when you do it :).

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[Steve] Message #86810, posted at 21:55, 10/11/2000, in reply to message #86809
Unregistered user Woo thats my thread :)

And it does look damn good!! :D
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Michael Stubbs Message #86811, posted at 01:41, 12/11/2000, in reply to message #86810
Unregistered user Nice to see this site is still very much alive!

It would be nice for the smilies to work the same way as on TIB ie replaced by graphics.

Regarding the game, it looks to me to be the sort of thing I say we need - a decent game with decent graphics! Everyone should buy it as soon as it is released so we get more of the same :)
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Gareth Message #86812, posted at 00:57, 10/12/2000, in reply to message #86811
Unregistered user After reading the comments made about Iron Dignity, I was not pleased to read the comment: "maybe you shouldn't hope for a RISC OS version."

May I remind some people who obviously do not believe in the true power of the Acorn machines, that the game was originally going to be developed for RISC OS. May I also make a point of saying that the original author of the game; Frank Fóel said that the game would 'run twice as fast than on a Pentium equivalent.'

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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Artex release new Iron Dignity trailer