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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Drag'n'Drop 11i2 edition reviewed

Drag'n'Drop 11i2 edition reviewed

Posted by Mark Stephens on 07:22, 9/3/2022 |
The latest edition of Drag'n'Drop (now into Volume 11, edition 2) is now available for purchase and consumption. Drag'n'Drop is a regular RISC OS magazine published every quarter as a PDF file. As I have said before, it reminds me of the 1990s style Acorn magazines and is a mixture of news, reviews, listings, and tutorials. You can buy a version with the listings already typed in for you.

This month's edition is another 35 pages, and if your PDF viewer supports bookmarks, you can navigate between articles easily with them.
As usual the Editor always kicks off with his editorial, updating up on the recent programming book, news of a new column for next month and other topics of interest.
There is always a beginners page, with lots of tips on how to run the include code (most articles have code listings) and lots of useful advice.
The 2 page News section covers developments in the RISC OS world. It always includes lots of live links which you can click on to visit the website/download the software. There is also a nice summary of the recent talk Jeroen Vermeulen gave on Recoding the Classics at ROUGOL.
There are several regular columns in the magazine. This month we reach Part 8 of the guide to Schema2 which is also the last part. It covers data plotting in depth. The ToolBox with Basic guide introduces us to adding a simple SaveAs dialogue. There is a new series on Sound for Musicians with some theory and lots of nice code examples.
There is a review of DVD drives available and there are reviews of the games Mamie Fletcher and AMCOGs Haunted Tower Hotel, the book Acorn - A world in Pixels - Extended edition, a bargain keyboard from Poundland and an interesting free web-based template maker for 3D shapeswhich works in NetSurf.
Finally, Gavin Waith has an article on scripting in StrongED and Lua.
As always is lots of technical content and plenty to keep you entertained in the magazine.
Drag'n'Drop website
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Drag'n'Drop 11i2 edition reviewed