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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Drag'n'Drop 11i4 summer edition reviewed

Drag'n'Drop 11i4 summer edition reviewed

Posted by Mark Stephens on 07:39, 17/8/2022 |
The Summer edition of Drag'n'Drop (now into Volume 11, edition 4) is now available to purchase.

Drag'n'Drop is a long-running quarterly RISC OS magazine published as a PDF file. It contains news, opinion, reviews, and includes software for you to type in. You can buy a version with or without the listings already typed in for you.

If you have been been suffering in the heat, the editor kicks off by reminding how power and heat efficient RISC OS machines are.
This month is an extended 41 pages and includes some changes. Line numbers are no longer included in the code listings. Many of the code listings share WIMP functions, so they are listed at the front of the magazine to save space along with the usual getting started hints and tips.
As usual, there is an extensive news section, which contains live links to any downloads.
There is an in-depth feature on toolsprites (if you don't know what they are, you now know where to find out).
There is a nice summary of all the software which is bundled with the RISC OS Open distribution, and links if you want to get your own copy.
Scribble Pad is a neat little Desktop App written to make it easy to sign your name and then export the result into Draw. Another useful Application called ClickDir sets the CSD to the current one.
The new AMCOG game 3D Pingu is reviewed along with a detailed look at Fuse (a Spectrum Emulator).
There is a new RISC OS column from Australia which explores some useful SYS calls such as OS_WriteC and OS_Read_C.
Our PHP course continues with the introduction of variables and explains how they differ from BBC Basic. The Schema2 series is looking at exporting data from the Spreadsheet.
Lastly, this month has a detailed index for Volumes 1-11 if you want to investigate back articles. You can also buy a USB stick with all the previous editions.
As always is lots of technical content and plenty to keep you entertained in the edition of magazine.
Drag'n'Drop website
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Drag'n'Drop 11i4 summer edition reviewed