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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: News archive: November 1998

News archive: November 1998

Posted by Alasdair Bailey on 00:00, 26/11/1998 | , ,

Toy Chronicles (26/11/98)

The team who brought us Wizard's Apprentice are currently developing a new 2D platformer called 'Toy Chronicles'.

Xenocide (26/11/98)

More info

Skullsoft have released details of their new game Xenocide (previously 'Extreme Force'). The game is a vertically scrolling shoot'em up, and it looks rather nice! Features include the options of alternate ships, weapons and missiles.

Abandoning King and Country (25/11/98)

Pete Cathcart recently announced that he is to consign King and Country to the wasteheap following a catalogue of mis-fortunes crippling the project's progress. However, he has just let me know that a number of people who were interested in continuing the project have come forward and this game may see the light of day after all! King and Country will be a major battle strategy simulation set in the middle ages but due to data loss, team members leaving and the current state of the market, the project was on uncertian ground but thanks to some fresh interest, Pete hopes to get things moving once again.
If you're interested in helping out with the project, email Pete. Otherwise, have a read of the preview and see what it's all about.

New version of DIY Doom (25/11/98)

Andreas Dehmel has announced that the latest version of DIY Doom, the free Doom player for the Acorn, has now been made available. There doesn't seem to be any major changing except for optional texture resampling in 32bpp modes for StrongARM machines and a few other minor modifications.
The latest version can be downloaded from the DIY Doom homepage. For help on compiling the executable, see Acorn Arcade's own DIY Doom tutorial.

Virus2000 - Zarch coming home? (19/11/98)

David Braben, co-author of arguably the best game of all time in Élite, and author of the first ever Archimedes game Lander (which became Zarch, ported to other platforms as Virus) recently posted to the comp.sys.acorn.games newsgroup following interest in porting the sequel V2000 to the Acorn range.

Confessing that "there are still a good few die-hard Archimedes supporters around to which I feel a certain loyalty", he said that any port "would largely be a labour of love, as I suspect it won't make huge commercial sense", but has set up automated email addresses to gauge interest in Acorn, Mac and Linux ports. On the ball as ever, Andrew Rawnsley of RCI posted within two hours of the original post saying that they had already contacted Mr. Braben directly about the project.

To add your name to the list of Acorn V2000 supporters, simply email acorn@frontier.co.uk with your full name in the body of the email. The list is automated, so no multiple postings, and no correspondence will be entered into - if you feel passionately about the project either way, air your views on the newsgroups or via Acorn Arcade.

V2000 screenshot
V2000 screenshotV2000 screenshot
Classic Zarch actionImages from V2000 site.

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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: News archive: November 1998