Acorn Arcade Gaming news and views Rougol May Talk More info... Rougol May Talk Gerph also has an online survey asking for feedback from RISC OS developers at Cloverleaf campaign goes live Presumably, it'll work on MacOS through some sort of magic, seeing as you're not developing for the Mac? Cloverleaf campaign goes live From the Kickstarter page... Cloverleaf campaign goes live "All rewards must have been produced or designed by the project or one of its creators no reselling things from elsewhere." Cloverleaf campaign goes live If you sincerely mean that, great, but I'm currently two for two on being shouted at and blocked by you for asking questions about your project, so forgive me if I have a small sense of doubt here... Cloverleaf campaign goes live We will implement it that it should work both on Windows and Linux based systems. So it should work on MacOS too. Cloverleaf campaign goes live Andrew & Andy, Many thanks for your feedback/questions. I have tried to answer/explain below. It has also given me an opportunity to expand on what we are trying to do/offer. Archive 2021 Issue 3 reviewed Update... Archive 2021 Issue 3 reviewed While the majority of subscribers seem to have received their copy of Archive 25:3 a couple of weeks ago, the day after they were posted (at least in the UK), I have received several emails this week about it still not turning up. After digging into it, they all appear to be from the same batch of 78 copies, as confirmed on the Royal Mail Click and Drop website.