Acorn Arcade Gaming news and views PhotoDesk new release reviewed Thanks: Iíll give the new version a go. September 2022 News Summary My Uk street problem reporting and viewing application Streetfix has received an update, complete with a YouTube video showing what has changed. PhotoDesk new release reviewed I've tried out the new version of PhotoDesk on a Pi 4B: although I haven't given it a comprehensive going-over, it does seem to function as expected. PhotoDesk new release reviewed It doesn't sound as if Photodesk's chronic instability (IME) when running on an ARMv8 platform (a Pi 4 in my case) has been addressed. I've got the previous 'latest' version - 3.17.14; sometimes it loads to the icon bar, other times it prefers to freeze the machine, and there's no way of telling in advance which Photodesk persona - Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde - is going to turn up. Geminus The RPCEmu/RiscPC build has now been released on the store. London Show 2022 is cancelled Sad but understaneable The Jolly Roger BBS Hi everyone! Unboxing the Raspberry Pi 400 Can do. What format is preferable? First Impressions of The RISC OS Developments Network stack Yeah, the dual effort thing is most odd. First Impressions of The RISC OS Developments Network stack I have used it for a while on the PI3 without problem, so compatibility with existing stuff seems ok. For new stuff on the other hand, we have two teams reinventing the wheel, which is madness, and I already encountered an incoherence between the ROD Resolver's new SWIs and the C structures in the recently released ROOL beta TCP libraries.