Acorn Arcade Gaming news and views Git client updated to 0.07 Many thanks for adding Git client updated to 0.07 The recent news article about the Git client mentions that anyone can grab a copy for tyre kicking purposes, rather than needing to be an opted-in tester. The direct link for 0.07 is this (from the bounty status page). Rougol April 2024 meeting on monday is Anniversary time Happy Birthday to the Acorn RiscPC. You still look just as good today as you ever did. WROCC April 2024 meeting on wednesday - Chris Hughes on changes to our phone lines Video is now live at March 2024 News Summary We've recently updated our FreeNVMe drivers and now have access to a formatting tool developed especially for FreeNVMe for 4K sector NVMe drives, allowing users easy means of using up to 2TB drives directly under RISC OS. March 2024 News Summary Seeing NVME and Wi-Fi become available to RISC OS users within the last 60 days has been nothing short of amazing. March 2024 News Summary Pinebook Pro Wifi and NVMe beta program went live this month. March 2024 News Summary StreetFix has been updated to version 1.07 which you can read here to see what is new in it. WROCC March 2024 meeting on wednesday - Chris Hughes and Peter Richmond Recording is now live at South-West Show 2024 talks We've done tests with FreeNVMe on a 1TB drive using a 4k Sector formatter that is currently in development, and on sure filecore drives, it 'just works' out of the box. Some drives might need converting back from emulated 512 byte sectors to native 4k sectors using Linux, but once they're 4K sectors, it's all good. And very fast.