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Acorn Arcade forums: Games: iOS Games
  iOS Games
  richcheng (16:59 16/4/2009)
  andypoole (17:56 16/4/2009)
    richcheng (14:41 25/7/2011)
      apacketofsweets (01:07 26/7/2011)
        richcheng (17:41 19/10/2011)
richard cheng Message #109809, posted by richcheng at 16:59, 16/4/2009

Posts: 655
Didn't think I would play games much on my iPhone. I was wrong. Here are my recommendations; what are yours?

Scramble: Super addictive word-finding game. Free! Includes online mode so you know exactly how bad you suck. My friend-code is 7602625324.

Geo-Defense: A great tower defense game. Hard. Haven't beaten the free version yet.

Flight Control: Lovely relaxing but then manic air traffic control game.

Strategery: Excellent Risk-alike. Try the free version first to see if you like it.

Drop7: Connect4-style puzzle game. Addictive. Try out the flash version first to see if you like it, here: http://chainfactor.com/

Not recommended:

Lux Touch (free version): Risk-alike. Pretty good, actually, but doesn't save your game if you leave the app! Very easy.

Jelly Car: Rubbish, difficult controls, easy to get into a state where you're completely stuck and can't move.

Rogue: nice implementation of Rogue, but it crashed and when I restarted I'd lost my character. In a roguelike, this is a fairly fatal flaw.

Topple: Very slick implementation. Boring game mechanic.

Not really played:

Frotz: Looks like a pretty good, handheld Z-Machine (text adventures, yo!), with interface to the IFDB. Not got around to actually trying any games on it, yet, though.

Rolando (Lite): Looks good so far.
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Andrew Poole Message #109811, posted by andypoole at 17:56, 16/4/2009, in reply to message #109809
Mouse enthusiast

Posts: 5558
I bought Wolfenstein 3D on my iPhone the other day. It's actually quite nice to play with the touch controls. Now all they need is to port Doom... smile

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richard cheng Message #118372, posted by richcheng at 14:41, 25/7/2011, in reply to message #109811

Posts: 655
Currently playing:

Dungeon Raid: Everyone describes it as roguelike-meets match-3. It doesn't play like a roguelike, but it does have the addictive/obsessive (seeing it as you drop-off-to-sleep kinda thing) nature of one. Plus permadeath. And levelling-up and equipment and whatnot.

Pinball HD*: Pinball has been effectively a solved game** since Virtual Pinball came out in the 90s, if not before. Pinball HD is the best Pinball game I've found so far on the iPad. Game mechanics/physics etc are great/tables available are only so-so.

World of Goo: Presumably you've already heard of/played this. Super charming puzzle game. Works much better on the iPad than on the computer, IMHO.

Frotz: Interactive Fiction/Text adventures work way better on the iPhone/iPad than you might imagine. You can play pretty much any Inform-based game on it. It's free. What more could you want?

Tilt to Live: Awesome accelerometer-controlled robotron-alike. Very polished.

* Could someone please change the thread name to iOS games? Thanks!

** Like Draughts! Okay not like that at all. I just mean that playing it on the computer is very similar to playing it IRL.
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Sion Message #118377, posted by apacketofsweets at 01:07, 26/7/2011, in reply to message #118372
RISC OS, too cool for Javascript.

Posts: 110
Dark Nebula 2 and AcrossAge DX are both well worth the 69p, I hardly play games on iOS but these have taken up many hours. That and Sim City Deluxe.
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richard cheng Message #119166, posted by richcheng at 17:41, 19/10/2011, in reply to message #118377

Posts: 655
Sword and Sworcery is absolutely wonderful.

I'm also currently enjoying:

Highborn: Fantasy-themed, turn-based tactics. Amusing dialog.

Scribblenauts Remix: ...although apparently it's not as good as the DS version. And is inappropriately named. (Doesn't contain much scribbling.)

Solomon's Boneyard: Dual-stick survival shooter. Contains amazing quotes, e.g. "Welcome to the BONEyard!" Currently free.
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Acorn Arcade forums: Games: iOS Games