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Acorn Arcade forums: Test posts: Have I logged in yet?
  Have I logged in yet?
  This is a long thread. Click here to view the threaded list.
Jason Togneri Message #110910, posted by filecore at 16:57, 12/8/2009, in reply to message #110909

Posts: 3867

We're gonna need a smaller **nt!
You've been done

I'm going to start pot-smoking, because it's easier. tongue
I'll see your fence post, and raise you an inline quote. tongue

And now I can see what went wrong with my earlier boast - I was being inattentive, and didn't scroll the text box far enough, so put my comments in the existing quoting.

And, astoundingly, managed to put it in the quote of what I wrote previously!
Apparently we can't pray them.
No, I can't see you. Prease repast wink
Dickhead... you're pissed, don't show up... Flying Piggy
Did someone say something?
Thought I heard a cake rattle.
This could become a K-O-N-G thread!tongue
Everyone who can't see this massage, please replay!
At what pint do the nested quotes become too messy to read the oddest bits?

I'm confuzzled. What massage?
I'm also going to start a secret conservation here to see who notices - it's taken me sex days -monkeyson - congratulations, you win a special price: tardis

I have absolutely no idea. Which tread was the massage in?
Your guess is as good as mine, looking fuzzled
Must be a CD'er! "18 for a copy c'mon?" :Cool Dude
And what's with all the nerfed quotes?
We're keeping them as hickups incase anyone can't see the orangutans.
Let's try that again. At what point do the nesting quails become too messy to breed? (For a moment there, I thought the answer was going to be "They don't - it's the new sex that's broken!" but the preview suggests not. This time.)
There are some forums out there where past 166875717021266 levels or so of resting breaks the layout horribly...
I understand.
Arrrggghhh, Nooooooooo !!!!!!! NOT AGAIN !!!! Crybaby
Why are you mean?
Understanding is a tree edged buttercup.
I think you're Miss Quoted. And who's been wangling my original comment?
A week ago this was my favourite head; until I saw a reply today I'd completely forgotten about it. I POP SICKLE.
We're all going to dry when TIB implodes.
The Large Playpen Collander?
This thread makes me think rather of this, which nicely combines both themes.
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Acorn Arcade forums: Test posts: Have I logged in yet?