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Acorn Arcade forums: Games: Inferno released on the iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad
  Inferno released on the iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad
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Alex Macfarlane Smith Message #120389, posted by aardvark at 08:34, 15/5/2012, in reply to message #120356
Posts: 20

all the graphics/levels/sounds are from the original
I found this article on an indie games site, which suggests multiple difficulty levels. I don't recall the original having that.
Link: http://www.indiegamemag.com/gushing-aqualibrium-trailer/

Does this mean there will be an 'easy' mode, alongside the original single difficulty - or will there be a new 'hard' mode?
A new 'easy' mode smile Basically you get more time to complete the level, and the guns/aliens are less vicious. Hard is pretty much identical to the original.

A proper Cataclysm sequel would be nice - something that exploits the widescreen aspect ratio and vastly increaded processor power. More levels - and user-submitted content support would be great, as I thought the original 40 levels were both too few and too easy.
Yeah, I have a few vague ideas for a sequel so I might do that smile My vague plan at the moment is to finish the Xbox version, then release it on Windows, then 'probably' do a level designer/online sharing thing for Windows (with the license giving me permission to use people's levels), and then periodically roll out Xbox versions with a selection of user levels - basically online sharing is rubbish in XBLIG, so I don't think it's sensible to do level sharing for that. Then after that I might think about a sequel smile

David Postlethwaite's music is excellent, and I was rather happy to hear the original game's menu music.

Unfortunately I don't have an Xbox, but hopefully this Cataclysm port might appear on other platforms at some point.
Yeah, Windows will be in the pipeline. I'm also considering doing a Playstation Vita port.

Suggestion: Do a port or update of Inertia! Also one of my favourites - and also by David Postlethwaite. There are a few isometric/marble madness-style games for various platforms, and they do tend to go down well with retro fans.
I'd pondered that, but I'm not sure - I was considering that the 'marble' would always stay centred and the game would move around the marble (rather than the 'scroll every so often' that the original did), but I'm not sure whether that would work well or not. There's a few other Acorn games I'm thinking of porting, but I haven't found/got permission from the original authors yet.

To be fair, mine was on cellular automata, so I had justification for the inclusion of Cataclysm.
Did you manage to work out what the droplet algorithm was? smile


[Edited by aardvark at 08:36, 15/5/2012]
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antom Message #120431, posted by antom at 23:28, 18/5/2012, in reply to message #120389
Posts: 37
I'd second an update of Inertia - brilliant game. I attempted a start on a version of it in Flash quite a few years back now. It looked quite nice from where I got up to, although admittedly it was just creating vector versions of the pixel graphics & arranging them like one of the levels!
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Alex Macfarlane Smith Message #120652, posted by aardvark at 14:25, 20/6/2012, in reply to message #120389
Posts: 20
Aqualibrium's out now for the Xbox if anyone was interested - http://bit.ly/aqua360 smile
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Acorn Arcade forums: Games: Inferno released on the iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad