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Acorn Arcade forums: Games: In regards to The Crystal Rainforest
  In regards to The Crystal Rainforest
  MaxZero (10:08 20/7/2012)
  sirbod (20:01 20/7/2012)
    MaxZero (11:16 29/7/2012)
  trevj (13:32 21/7/2012)
  CJE (11:40 24/7/2012)
Ness Robert Message #120826, posted by MaxZero at 10:08, 20/7/2012
Posts: 2
Hi all, i've been searching for information for a while on a game i used to play on an A7000 at school. Initial suggestions and small number of screenshots i was able to find suggested that it was the crystal rainforest however now i am not so sure.

I found a copy for the Archimedes on ebay at http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=360470734303#ht_500wt_1156 and im pretty certain that im thinking of something else.

The educational game im thinking of was maths based like TCR, and it was definitely based in a rainforest, however unlike this listing, the game came on a CD which was also compatible with the Mac OS and Windows, i remember thinking "i've never seen something that could work on all three" when i looked at it.

However, as other people have said, TCR does not feature robots as foes where as they are a pretty big part of what im thinking of. The graphics were also considerably more cartoonier than what the ebay listing suggests. The first task i can remember was to program a drinks vending machine to drop a cup, bring it under the nozzle and dispence the right amount of liquid within, to drink while the game briefed you as to why you were going into the forest.

Its a very limited description however trying to figure it out has been driving me nuts (i only ever played it when the A5000 with spheres of chaos was already being used)

Thanks for reading smile
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Jon Abbott Message #120830, posted by sirbod at 20:01, 20/7/2012, in reply to message #120826
Posts: 563
Crystal Rainforest 2 perhaps?




[Edited by sirbod at 20:05, 20/7/2012]
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Trevor Johnson Message #120833, posted by trevj at 13:32, 21/7/2012, in reply to message #120826
Posts: 660
It might be worth checking the STH forum too.
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Chris Evans Message #120845, posted by CJE at 11:40, 24/7/2012, in reply to message #120826
CJE Micros chap
Posts: 222
We have a new CD copy of The Crystal Rainforest: II 'Mission Control' in stock. It is not 'triple format' only Acorn.
Sherston did do a few Triple format CDs though Anglia & YITM did more.
Producing Triple Format was easy as each OS boots/autoruns differently.
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Ness Robert Message #120860, posted by MaxZero at 11:16, 29/7/2012, in reply to message #120830
Posts: 2
Ah, thats exactly what it is, thanks for the insight ^_^

How rare are the triple booting V1s?
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Acorn Arcade forums: Games: In regards to The Crystal Rainforest