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Acorn Arcade forums: General: Sendiri Store is open
  Sendiri Store is open
  adrianl (18:51 21/8/2022)
Adrian Lees Message #125318, posted by adrianl at 18:51, 21/8/2022
Posts: 1637
Sendiri Store is open

Hello all! Sendiri is happy to report that its store is now open.

This is the new home of all Sendiri software products, both free and commercial, and you may find it at:


Currently available are the first releases of Geminus graphics acceleration layer for the ARMbook and the i.MX6 targets:

- i.MX6 WandBoard
- CuBox
- mini.m

Very shortly we hope to be completing final testing of Geminus on the Raspberry Pi 4 and RiscPC targets and adding these to the store too.

About Geminus

Geminus offers a much faster, smoother desktop experience by accelerating graphics operations and remembering window contents so they can be redrawn much more quickly when you scroll windows or move them around.

It also offers faster on-the-fly JPEG decoding and rendering which will be extremely useful to anyone working with digital photographs.

Unique to Geminus also, is the ability to rotate and transform JPEG images.

Geminus will be familiar to many (former) IYONIX pc users but on modern machines where there is much more memory available to use for window cacheing, it really shines.

On the i.MX6 targets it exploits the GPU hardware for window movement, redrawing and scrolling, using it much more extensively than all earlier software. On the ARMbook the NEON multimedia coprocessor steps in to performance this work.

For more information visit the store and download a copy under a free Demonstration licence.

All Sendiri software is available under a time- or feature-limited Demo licence allowing you to evaluate it before you commit to a purchase. Purchasing a Full licence allows you to use the software in perpetuity, and entitles you to free updates to fix any issues that are discovered in future.

In time, we intend to offer more licensing options, but currently software is licensed to the Individual and permits simultaneous installation and use on up to four suitable machines all owned by the individual user.

Aemulor Updates

Also on the store you will find an updated version of Aemulor for all targets. Aemulor remains a Free product and will run unlicensed with all of its previously-released functionality. In future, some planned features may be released commercially to provide additional functionality or accelerated performance.

Version 2.54 addresses a couple of outstanding issues relating to the handling of 26-bit C programs such as Eureka which sometimes caused issues when Aemulor was stopped. Along with these fixes, some additional work has been done to increase isolation between the 26- and 32-bit worlds to avoid such problems in future as RISC OS is further developed.



Thank you,
Sendiri, 2022.

[Edited by adrianl at 18:59, 21/8/2022]

[Edited by adrianl at 19:47, 21/8/2022]
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Acorn Arcade forums: General: Sendiri Store is open