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Acorn Arcade forums: Games: Iron Dignity in PCZone Magazine.
  Iron Dignity in PCZone Magazine.
  [Steve] (17:35 22/11/2000)
  rich (18:11 22/11/2000)
    tfountain (19:55 22/11/2000)
Steve Allen Message #84972, posted by [Steve] at 17:35, 22/11/2000
AA refugee
Posts: 56
Topic says it all really grin

But at least it means some interest in it will be taken by the PC press, as I haven't seen that much so far.
RiscPC SA & Duron 600@850
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Richard Goodwin Message #84973, posted by rich at 18:11, 22/11/2000, in reply to message #84972
Dictator for life
Posts: 6820
Tim mentioned this and wondered if it was worth a news posting, but as the article (apparently) doesn't include any RISC OS mentions I didn't bother. Should I change my mind? smile

Designed several new smilies at the weekend, but still haven't finished yet... wink

[Edited by 3 at 18:26, 22/11/2000]

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Tim Fountain Message #84974, posted by tfountain at 19:55, 22/11/2000, in reply to message #84973
AA refugee
Posts: 59
It's basically a 2 page article about the games that Top Ware (ID PC publishers) are working on at the moment. Many of them are RTS strategy games and there's only a short paragraph on ID with 3 small screenshots. RISC OS isn't mentioned and there's no new info in there which is why I didn't think it was worthy of a news item on AA.
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Acorn Arcade forums: Games: Iron Dignity in PCZone Magazine.