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Ed Willson
For Sale: 8-bit Hardware
Posted 17:26, 11/9/2015.
HMS 5000 Hybrid Music System - Synthesiser for use with BBC Micro

Sold 'as is' - am currently unable to test, but was fully working approx. 5 years ago and has been kept in storage in good condition since.

Includes a copy of the book 'Making Music on the BBC Computer' by Ian Waugh, published 1984.

80 pounds ONO, plus postage or free collection from Hertfordshire.
Email: edwillson1@gmail.com
Derek Burrows
Free to good home: Archimedes
Posted 21:33, 24/8/2013.
Handbooks, instruction manuals and floppy discs for Archimedes A5000 and Learning Curve. Also manual for Epson Stylus printer and for numerous other Arc software programs, e.g. Squirrel, Schema, Pro-Artisan, Tablemate, etc. etc... All in excellent condition and FREE of charge if collected(Hampshire. Otherwise will be disposed of.
Email: burrows.dc@gmail.com
Keith Edwards
Free to good home: Hardware
Posted 22:10, 30/5/2013.
Due to lack of space I need to dispose of the following monitors:

2 x Philips CM8833
1 x Philips CM8500
1 x Acorn ADF-32

All in good working order but some cosmetic scuffs.

For collection from North Herts / Cambridge area.
Email: keith.edwards@aaug.net
Steven Hawkins
For Sale: Risc PC
Posted 09:48, 30/11/2012.
Acorn StrongARM Risc PC Computer

- RISC OS 4.02 (Installation disc included)
- StrongARM CPU upgrade (200MHz)
- Expanded to twin slice case with uprated 103w power supply (original psu included)
- 4 slot podule card (original 2 slot podule included)
- 64MB SIMM Memory
- 2MB VRAM Memory
- 20Gb Seagate IDE Hard Drive
- RICOH DVD rom / CD rewriter
- Floppy Disc Drive - 640k, 800k, 1600K RISC OS formats, also 360k, 720k, 1440K PC MSDOS formats.
- PCx86 card (25MHz I think) - runs Windows '95
- Power Tech SCSI podule (Installation disc included)
- Ethernet NIC Network Card
- Mozart 16-bit digitl audio card
- STD PS2MouseMini mouse adapter (allows use of a standard ps2 mouse)
- 3 button mouse

Numerous Software Installed
EasiWriter (Word processor)
Fireworkz (Spreadsheet)
Style (Desktop Publishing)
ArtWorks (Vector graphics editor)
Photodesk (Photo image editor)
Twin World
Plus lots of other utilities and games etc.

This machine is in working condition but is just sitting in the corner taking up space at the moment so I've been told that I need to dispose of it. ArtWorks and Photodesk are still far superior to anything that i've used on a PC in my opinion and such a pleasure to use. Had the machine for many years having upgraded from the original BBC to the Archimedes, then an A5000 and finally onto the RISC PC adding various upgrades as they were released. At least i'll still have the VirtualRPC emulator for when I want to some graphics work!

The front flaps are all in working order. I have lost the long locking pins that came with the twin slice upgrade though. The lid fits in place without these and still got the original sigle slice pins and so it's not a problem. Ended up replacing the orignal keyboard and mouse a while back back but will include the current ones if required.

I live in Stansfield am small village in suffolk part way between Newmarket, Bury St Edmunds and Sudbury. Looks like it will be baout £10-£15 to deiver if you can't collect.

If anyone is interested let me know.

Email: steven@applecroft.plus.com
John Beamer
Wanted: Software
Posted 11:51, 14/5/2012.

Looking for a (good) original copy of Archimedes Elite Gold edition. Willing to pay a very good price if you have a copy you are willing to sell ...

Email: jrbeamer@gmail.com
Ian Redman
For Sale: Miscellaneous
Posted 22:36, 4/3/2012.
Unfortunately due to space I'm finally having to get rid of my Acorn stuff.
I thought I'd offer it around on here before ebaying it.:
Risc PC with SA 136Mb (128+cool ram 2Mb Vram, 2 slice (spring broken on one slice) (4slot interface card) 3 hard drives 1.2Gb 8.6Gb and ?size) internal 100Mb zip drive Simtec Dual IDE card, Net100 100mb Ethernet adapter and a internal modem card (Net products).
Software includes Ovation Pro.
Let me know if any of that sounds interesting. I'm happy to split it.
If anyone want to have a look, I live in Yeovil.
Website: http://www.jupitersf.co.uk
Email: Ian@redman.org.uk
Derek Burrows
For Sale: Archimedes
Posted 12:32, 19/2/2012.
Pacmania, £3. RISC OS 3 twin audio cassette tape instruction guide to Acorn computing, £4. Mouse, £5. Various instruction manuals for Arc-related equipment in excellent condition (email me for details). Postage + packaging extra.
Email: burrows.dc@gmail.com
Philip Webster
Wanted: Hardware
Posted 12:21, 4/2/2011.
RISC OS 3.71 ROMs - the ones out of an A7000+, not the 3.70 ROMs from a SA RPC.

If anyone has any going spare, please get in touch.
Website: http://www.philipwebster.com/
Email: phil@philipwebster.com
ron congrave
Free to good home: Software
Posted 15:58, 5/1/2011.
A number of Acorn Archimedes games from late 1980s / early 1990s are available free of charge on collect only basis. Floppy discs. Otherwise will be thrown out. Prefer to go to a user / enthusiast. London area.
Email: rw.congrave@tiscali.co.uk
Phone: 07986569200
Alan Bosley
Wanted: Software
Posted 19:33, 21/11/2010.
The JPEG loader for Impression Publisher. Anybody got the floppy with this on ?
Email: alan.bosley@tiscali.co.uk
Phone: 07870787704