Keith's Wakefield 2001 Photographs

Photos from the Wakefield 2001 RISC OS Computers show, 19th-20th May 2001, at the Thornes Park Atheletics Stadium. Photos taken on the Saturday (19th) between 1-5pm on my luvly Olympus C-960Z. No need to wait for developing now :)
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01: May 2001
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First piccy of the day, IRC people! Just in front of the APDL stand. From left to right: Ben Wardle (Blerk), Temis Gustard (TemisROK), Phillip Hardy (Phile)
02: May 2001
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Microdigital's long awaited Omega. Running in 1024x768x24bpp@70Hz. Neat, although there were display problems at the time!
03: May 2001
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he inside of the Omega, showing its bundles of cabling and PCI slots. It's real, people :)
04: May 2001
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More of the guts of the Omega.
05: May 2001
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Castle's new 300MHz StrongARM RiscPCs, demonstrating Oregano. And your favourite news site ;)
06: May 2001
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A peek inside the 300MHz RiscPCs
07: May 2001
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Small 400x300, 14KB
RiscStation's... R7500 Something-or-other! Sorry, I couldn't get a closer look at the panel!
08: May 2001
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Glenn Richards (Squirrel) and Sarah Joy (Froggie) looking all cute and sickening in front of the Raspsoft Buisness Software stand.
09: May 2001
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Eeeeeek! They've got Sheep Racing: TNB on one R-Comp's Machines!
10: May 2001
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Small 300x400, 18KB
Stuart Tyrrell doing an on-the-spot replacement for my PS2Mouse Hardware.
11: May 2001
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Small 400x300, 19KB
Descent II on the R-Comp Stand
12: May 2001
Medium 640x480, 35KB
Small 400x300, 17KB
A closeup of Descent II
13: May 2001
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Small 400x300, 18KB
On the left, the author playing Spheres of Chaos, on the right, what's supposed to be TEK. Although it crashed :(
14: May 2001
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Jason Tribbeck on the left and Rich Goodwin on the right (sporting the TIB t-shirt :). Taking lots of photos and doing a show report :)
15: May 2001
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Small 400x300, 28KB
IRC meet down at Pizza hut :) From left to right: Temis, Hayley (Helter), Gavan (Underhand), Glenn (facing AWAY from the camera...), Sarah, and meee! :) Oh yeah, Rich Wilson (rjw) is behind the camera :)
That's it... until next year.

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