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R-Comp Interactive release UniPrint 2

R-Comp Interactive is pleased to announce the release of UniPrint 2 
this weekend at the Guildford show.The new version enhances almost all 
aspects of printing (of course) and also expands UniPrint's ability to 
link together your two computer platforms, as you'll see below.

The UniPrint software allows RISC OS users with a network or 
VirtualAcorn to print to virtually any printer, in full photo (or 
plain!) quality, and utilise features of their printer such as duplex 
(double sided) printing etc.  UniPrint 2 also adds new functionality 
making it easy to open files and documents allowing RISC OS and 
Windows to interact more extensively.

Highlights of UniPrint 2

* Text mode printing.  This major new addition allows ASCII text based
  RISC OS applications to print to any printer (previously UniPrint
  only worked with graphical applications).  Examples of programs
  which use text printing include Edit, Zap, StrongEd, Messenger Pro,
  Pipedream, Prophet and various others.  This is a major addition to
  the software, and completes the picture in terms of RISC OS printing

* File launching.  This is an exciting new feature!  Imagine if you
  have a file on your RISC OS machine that you can't open, eg. a
  powerpoint document, or a complex word or excel file.  With UniPrint
  version 2, you can just double click that file, and have it open
  via the appropriate program on your Windows machine.  This is
  especially useful if you receive email on your RISC OS computer,
  as it means that a double-click is all it takes to open Windows-
  related files sent by friends/colleagues.

* Web URL launching.  This was previously a feature of UP Deluxe.
  With this feature you can click on a web link on your RISC OS
  computer (eg. in your email program, or elsewhere) and UniPrint
  will open it in your Windows web browser (eg. Internet Explorer
  or Firefox).  This is very useful if a site doesn't work in
  RISC OS browsers, or if you need to test your own site(s).

* Multiple copy and duplex printing.  The way UniPrint handles the
  printing of multiple copies of documents has been completely
  redesigned, resulting in much faster, and more efficient printing.
  The size (in terms of megabytes) of print jobs for multiple copies
  has been massively reduced, and the end results are far better.
  Similarly for duplex printing (printing on both sides of the paper),
  UniPrint should now behave more intelligently and efficiently.

* Lower system resources.  The Windows end of UniPrint has been made
  more efficient, speeding things up, and also reducing memory
  overheads.  This should be noticable when doing complex prints such   

  as photographs.

* Faster, better printing.  UniPrint 2 should print your documents
  more smoothly than ever before.  The RISC OS end now also
  incorporates a notification system, so that you will know what's      

  going on.

* Automatic detection of Virtual Acorn.  It is no longer necessary to
  tell UniPrint that you have installed Virtual RiscPC (or VA5000!) -
  the software will automatically detect it, (and VRPC Adjust) and
  enable printing.

* Job queuing.  If you print several jobs, either from the same
  machine, or from different machines (eg. school or office) UniPrint
  now queues up the various jobs, ensuring that print jobs don't
  conflict with each other, or print out of sequence.

* Enhanced network printing.  If you have a Windows-shared printer,
  you will find UniPrint now works better with it.

* RiscPC, Iyonix, VirtualAcorn compatible.  All versions are now
  happy running on all the different platforms.  To reduce
  confusion, UniPrint 2 is now offered in just 2 versions - a
  VirtualAcorn version (designed for use on computers where
  Windows and RISC OS are on the same machine) and the
  Deluxe version (does everything).

* Full support for both !Printers and !Printers+

* Lots more... It is friday afternoon - I'm sure that there are
  more new features, but let's move on.


Uniprint 2 will be available at the Guildford Show next weekend (22nd

New copies of the "full" version are 49ukp.  New copies of the 
VirtualAcorn-only version are 39ukp.

Upgrading costs 19ukp inclusive of VAT.  Existing UniPrint Virtual
Acorn owners will be upgraded to the new VA edition.  All other
existing customers will receive the new Deluxe edition.  VirtualAcorn
users wishing to upgrade to the Deluxe edition can do so for 29ukp

If you purchased UniPrint (in any form) since the beginning of October 
2005, you can upgrade for just 6ukp inc.

In order for us to fund the ongoing development of our products, it is
critical that users upgrade to version 2.  Technical support on
UniPrint v1.xx will cease at the end of 2005.

To order your upgrade, please phone, fax or email use with payment
details (debit or credit card preferred).  It should appear on our
website after the Guildford show.

22 Robert Moffat, High Legh, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 6PS
Tel: (+44) 01925 755043            Fax: (+44) 01925 757377