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The Icon Bar is the longest running RISC OS portal. The sensibilities that Acorn instilled in us still influence our interests and writing.

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Aemulor/Spellings.net account details posted online

Posted by Andrew Poole on 19:08, 1/5/2015 | , , ,
According to an email sent out by Neil Spellings this evening, the usernames and hashed passwords of all registered users on the old aemulor.com and newer buyit.Spellings.net websites have been posted online.
The leak, which contains just under 1200 email address and password hash combinations, appears to have been obtained through an SQL injection attack on some "very old" PHP code from the original aemulor web store and was posted to the Pastebin website on Thursday evening (29 April).
People who have accounts with the Spellings.net website are advised to change their password and also change the password on other sites that they use the same password on.
You can view the full email sent to registered users of the Aemulor/Spellings websites by clicking here.
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You wait ages for ONE browser update for your Raspberry Pi...

Posted by Mark Stephens on 20:02, 4/9/2014 |
In my personal computer usage, the web browser has always been the weak link on RISC OS so it is really nice to see an update to Netsurf appearing with NetSurf 3.2 being released at the end of August. It looks like essentially a bug-fix and code tidy release, with some incremental improvements to support for CSS handling, but always welcome features. You can get the RISC OS release from here
One of the really cool features of the Rasperberry Pi is the ability to run the NOOBS software which allows you to install several different Operating Systems. With multiple SD cards ,swtiching between Linux and RISC OS is as easy as rebooting with a different card. Raspbian works well but its bowsers have been slightly disappointing (there is lots of choice with NetSurf, IceFox, experimental builds of Chrome but I have found them all either under-powered or sluggish).
So it is really great to see the release of Epiphany ( a new browser heavily optimised for the Raspberry Pi ). This is easily installed on your existing Linux SD card. You can read the official announcement here. It is especially interesting to note the heavy involvement of Ben Avison (one of the key memebers of RISC OS Open) in the development.
Happy browsing on your Pi...
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Mail client Pluto updated, open-sourced

Posted by Michael Drake on 11:39, 19/4/2013 | , , ,
Jonathan Duddington, author of the RISC OS e-mail client Pluto, has announced that as of now, Pluto is available for free. The project has been open-sourced, enabling other developers to take over maintenance of the software. Jonathan has also updated the program for ARMv7 compatibility, enabling it to run on the most modern hardware.
Pluto is written in C and lets users to manage their e-mails and usenet (newsgroup) subscriptions. It has a fast and consistent user interface with many options for sorting and organising articles, a built in editor for composing e-mails or news postings, and a search facility amongst other features. Thanks to Jonathan for his generosity. The lack of a powerful and free Mail user agent was one of the platform's shortfalls.
Jonathan also announced an update for his eSpeak text-to-audio speech synthesizer, enabling it to run on modern ARMv7 hardware.
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Last RISC OS version of NetSurf announced

Posted by Chris Williams on 17:18, 14/1/2010 | ,
Netsurf LogoVersion 2.5 of web browser NetSurf is set to be unveiled at this year's Wakefield show - but its developers warn this could be the last release for the platform. The new version has a rewritten CSS engine to improve its ability to display web pages correctly, should be faster at processing web pages, and boasts big improvements to the way the freely available software caches pages and uses the computer's memory.
But as the developers of the open source browser no longer have the time to maintain the RISC OS port of NetSurf, it's likely that future improvements to the program will not make it into the RISC OS port - and automatically generated builds of the software are expected to stop if these new enhancements break the RISC OS-specific source enough to stop it compiling.
Continue reading "Last RISC OS version of NetSurf announced" | 12 comments in the forums

NetSurf may be forced to drop support for RISC OS

Posted by Phil Mellor on 22:00, 6/8/2009 | , ,
Netsurf LogoRISC OS users may be left without updates to NetSurf unless a suitable programmer can be found to continue development.
Although the RISC OS version of the web browser has more features than other platforms it has not been actively maintained for over two and a half years. Many of the features which were specific to the RISC OS version are now being moved to the multi-platform core which is being actively worked on.
NetSurf contributor Michael Drake told The Icon Bar that it was "a big shame ... no-one really wants to drop RISC OS support but there's no-one to actually keep it working at the moment." The team has made an urgent appeal for a C developer with knowledge of the WIMP to get involved.
The open source project began in 2002 and the first major release was in 2007. NetSurf was voted "Best non-commercial software" four times in Drobe's annual RISC OS awards. It has been ported to Linux, BeOS and AmigaOS, and the team are participating in Google's Summer of Code.
Link: NetSurf
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Time to stop buying via Steam?

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 14:07, 28/7/2009 | , ,
Back at the start of this month I decided to take a break from debugging some code and have a quick de-stressing blast on Team Fortress 2. As I loaded the Steam client, the "updates" window popped up what seemed to be a bargain - Fallout 3, half price just for that weekend! That'll be fun, thinks I, and cheap too!
It really didn't turn out that way.
Continue reading "Time to stop buying via Steam?" | 17 comments in the forums

Maybe you should read drobe.co.uk, instead?

Posted by John Hoare on 04:21, 11/11/2008 | , ,
Drobe.co.uk screenshotAnyone reading this will have seen it by now, but just in case you gave up hope (but, erm, kept coming back to us for updates), Drobe has - after a few sparks of life recently - now relaunched.
There has been some criticism of the new design; visually, I think it looks great, but then I've always enjoyed websites that are clean and simple and uncluttered. My biggest complaints with the old design were that the masthead looked too busy, and there wasn't enough white space; both of these issues have now been addressed. (Although can we have the logo back in colour? Pretty please?)
Continue reading "Maybe you should read drobe.co.uk, instead?" | 9 comments in the forums

Freeware instant messaging client released

Posted by Michael Drake on 22:30, 14/9/2007 | , , ,

Parmesan is a new client for the popular MSN Messenger network, developed by Christian Ludlam. Released as freeware, the software brings new features to instant messaging on RISC OS. Chief among these are display pictures and nudges. The software also doubles as a versatile viewer for arbitrary XML files.

RISC OS has seen the release of several MSN Messenger clients over the years; two free clients (Natter and Messenger) and R-Comp's commercial product, Grapevine. A few years ago all of these clients fell foul of an upgrade to the MSN protocol which stopped RISC OS users from being able to connect to the chat network. To many users' dismay, RISC OS was left without a free MSN Messenger client, as only Grapevine was upgraded to support the new protocol.

Happily, this distressing situation has, at last, been rectified with the release of Parmesan. In this article I'll take a look at Parmesan describe my experience of it. Finally, as a Grapevine owner, I will compare Parmesan with the commercial Grapevine application.

Continue reading "Freeware instant messaging client released" | 23 comments in the forums


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