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Acorn Arcade forums: Games: New Repton for RISC OS
  New Repton for RISC OS
  apacketofsweets (23:09 7/7/2011)
  trevj (00:00 8/7/2011)
    TomWalker (09:24 8/7/2011)
Sion Message #118190, posted by apacketofsweets at 23:09, 7/7/2011
RISC OS, too cool for Javascript.

Posts: 110
I'm sure a little while ago I heard the news of a RISC OS port of the new Repton game released on the BBC Micro by Retro Software. Is anyone aware if this version is available to download/purchase or is development still on-going?
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Trevor Johnson Message #118191, posted by trevj at 00:00, 8/7/2011, in reply to message #118190
Posts: 660
You're right but it's not clear whether the RISC OS port is yet available. It may be best to ask in the retrosoftware forum for further info (and please post an update here).
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Tom Walker Message #118192, posted by TomWalker at 09:24, 8/7/2011, in reply to message #118191
Posts: 25
It's some way off release.
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Acorn Arcade forums: Games: New Repton for RISC OS