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Acorn Arcade forums: Site Comments: discussion board relating to the news
  discussion board relating to the news
  (15:33 27/6/2000)
  alpha (17:03 27/6/2000)
    march (15:12 30/6/2000)
march Message #5523, posted at 15:33, 27/6/2000
Unregistered user hi!

you do good work on your site! thanks.
may i suggest some things?
i would like the "link" button on the news to be more recognizeable.
i would love a "comment" button on the news.
for example the news about the southeast show - i would have commented: thanks to alasdair for getting there with your digi cam. please keep uns continentals informed! i appreciate your work!
and all others please pressurize riscos ltd. to do an official announcement, to keep their customers informed and to keep their foundation members informed - i am not going to renew my foundation membership and i am not buying anything in a state like riscos is at the moment. as long as there is no statement from the officials!
btw i would like to see some threading in the discussion board.

just some thoughts.
best regards,


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alpha Message #5524, posted at 17:03, 27/6/2000, in reply to message #5523
Unregistered user How would you make the link button more recognisable?

I was actually thinking on making it easy for people to comment on the site's polls using the discussion board, so it seems logical to do the same for news items.

Threading has been implemented in version 0.09 of the discussion board which I'm currently testing on another site. Hopefully I'll be able to upgrade TIB to 0.09 later on this week.

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march Message #5525, posted at 15:12, 30/6/2000, in reply to message #5524
Unregistered user link button:
probably you could change the contrast? i can hardly recognize what picture is on the button. is it two parts of a chain?

perhaps there could be a second button for commenting on news items. that would make things easy. the thread could then also be displayed in the discussion board. e. g. like "news: southeast show update".

keep on the good work!

best regards.

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Acorn Arcade forums: Site Comments: discussion board relating to the news