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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Free copies of RISCWorld up for grabs!

Free copies of RISCWorld up for grabs!

Posted by fwibbler on 11:17, 21/6/2006 | , , , ,
RISCWorld LogoRISCWorld magazine have announced the offer of a free magazine (March 2006), the idea being that you'll be so impressed with it you feel compelled to take out a subscription to it.
Some of the articles the March issue contains:
  • eBay revealed (helping you get the best out of eBay)
  • Building a RiscPC in a PC case
  • Overhauling the old Acorn mouse
  • Review of the 4D Shootemup games CD
and much more including the regular latest freeware software releases and Hugh Jamptons big column!!!
A years subscription to RISCWorld costs 21.90 (UK) or 24.50 (overseas) and you can claim your free copy by sending an email with your name and address to:
  Free copies of RISCWorld up for grabs!
  fwibbler (20:55 22/6/2006)
  tamias (18:49 26/6/2006)
    David Bradforth (12:16 27/6/2006)
      rich (14:03 27/6/2006)
        eddyosaysyo (16:43 27/6/2006)
          MikeCarter (09:21 29/6/2006)
            nunfetishist (00:21 4/7/2006)
              MikeCarter (10:41 4/7/2006)
                blasts of the xtre (19:00 24/7/2006)
                  jymbob (13:55 25/7/2006)
fwibbler Message #94194, posted by fwibbler at 20:55, 22/6/2006

Posts: 320
Woo! A RiscWorld logo has appeared :)
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Mark Rowan Message #94195, posted by tamias at 18:49, 26/6/2006, in reply to message #94194
Posts: 5
How do you know Hugh Jampton has a big column? Have you seen it?
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David Bradforth Message #94196, posted by David Bradforth at 12:16, 27/6/2006, in reply to message #94195
Posts: 25
If Hugh Jampton offers to show his column, run away screaming. He may even photograph it for the next RISC World.
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Richard Goodwin Message #94197, posted by rich at 14:03, 27/6/2006, in reply to message #94196
Dictator for life
Posts: 6821
I'm sure anyone who wants to can get a free look at Hugh Jampton's big column just by taking up this offer.
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Ed Willson Message #94198, posted by eddyosaysyo at 16:43, 27/6/2006, in reply to message #94197

Posts: 172
My copy arived today :)
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Mike Message #94199, posted by MikeCarter at 09:21, 29/6/2006, in reply to message #94198

Posts: 401
This mag great :D
I might now take out a subscription :D
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Rob Kendrick Message #94200, posted by nunfetishist at 00:21, 4/7/2006, in reply to message #94199
Today's phish is trout a la creme.

Posts: 519
I thought it was awful. It consisted mainly of advertisements or segments of APDL's/VA's/Allagata's other products masqurading as articles, some screenshots of some freeware, and a dire and very niche free pieces of software. The production was uninspiring, as was the style. Aaron's bonzai-rant pretending to be editorial was amusing though, but for all the wrong reasons.

It's about 55MB big, and this includes to include entire copies of APDL's website in the "Adverts" section. I can see why only APDL and Allagata advertise - they most likely get it for free, and nobody else would advertise as you have to actually go into a dedicated section of the magazine to find them - which readers in their right mind would bother with them?

Given it's so tiny, I'm surprised they don't just stop burning CDs and allow subscribers to view it via their website.

Certainly something I will be avoiding, and I'm thankful that RISC World gave me the oppertunity to discover this before I might have parted with my cash.

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Mike Message #94201, posted by MikeCarter at 10:41, 4/7/2006, in reply to message #94200

Posts: 401
Wrong spelling : "Builing"
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Sion Message #94202, posted by blasts of the xtre at 19:00, 24/7/2006, in reply to message #94201
blasts of the xtre
Suppose you were an idiot. Suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.

Posts: 326
Another mispelling "Allagata"
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James Scholes Message #94203, posted by jymbob at 13:55, 25/7/2006, in reply to message #94202
Posts: 4
misspelling: mispelling (o:
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Free copies of RISCWorld up for grabs!