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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: RISC OS Bits at Wakefield

RISC OS Bits at Wakefield

Posted by Mark Stephens on 07:32, 19/5/2022 |
RISC OS bits sent us a very nice email with their news for Wakefield. Looks like they have put the months delay on the show to good use.

Those concerned that they might be running out of interesting ideas and puns or risqué names can rest assured. No worries on either score!
If you are after a new machine, there are 2 new exciting new releases.
The new PiRO Noir which houses a Raspberry Pi 4 in a very nice sleek, black case with a 64GB USD card. The connectors are routed to the back and converts the micro HDMI into proper HDMI ports. It also includes 2GB of RISC OS software. Prices start at 129 pounds.
The shortage of acrylic sheets has lead to a new redesign of the Pi Hard (naturally called the Pi Harder) in a aluminium case with SSD drive. It includes SimpleEDOS so you can dual boot. The full spec (for 199 pounds) is
* 5x USB ports (including two on the front)
* Gigabit ethernet
* 2x full sized HDMI (capable of driving 4k monitors) with audio capability
* 2.1Ghz ARM processor
* 4GB LPDDR4 RAM (8GB available as an option, useful for Linux and EDOS)
* 120GB high speed SSD (larger SSDs are available)
* 32GB micro SD with easy access
* Audio Jack
* Illuminated power button
* Custom fan and power control software
* Custom PSU
* Special "link cable" so that you can access the Pi Harder SSD on a different machine
* Remote Support via custom application
If you just want a fun case for your Pi, there will be a nice selection of cases at the show as well.
The MiniITX board for the Raspberry Pi CM4 module (which did not quite make the London show) should be there to see. There are also new versions of Wispy to provide wireless networking.
If you have a FOURtress (which we enthusiastically reviewed last year), the BUTT provides a really slick solution to better access for the USB ports at the front. Andy is promising to show you his!
The full range should be on display/sale at the show including the bargain Pi 400 WiFi HAT Carrier board, EDOS USB dual operating system kit (which lets you dual boot Linux and RISC OS), plus a range of really nice Pi cases, such as the PiAno, Delta Compact, and Thorin "pocket money" cases.
RISCOSBits website
So plenty to see or just drop round for chat.
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: RISC OS Bits at Wakefield