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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: ROOL updates DDE to release 31c

ROOL updates DDE to release 31c

Posted by Mark Stephens on 05:43, 15/8/2023 | ,
ROOL has recently updated the DDE (which provides all the tools and documentation you need to write programs for RISC OS) with DDE31b and DDE31c.

These releases are incremental updates but does boast the following nice, new features:-
  • Syntax checking of the _Atomic keyword in C
  • A new ObjAsm operator (:MDEF:) to query if a macro is defined
  • Regenerated indexes for the Programmer's Reference Manual PDFs
  • A number of bug fixes to the C compiler, Linker, and ObjAsm, DDT, and the interactive debugger
  • Improvements to the shared makefiles
There is a nice page on the ROOL website, which summarises all the DDE releases and changes here.
The DDE is a critical tool for RISC OS, so it is good to see regular incremental updates and improvements. It is also a way for ROOL to fund their activities. There are various upgrade options (depending on when you last purchased it).
Lastly, it is also worth mentioning that if you want to get into RISC OS development, there are several options on offer to help you from ROOL and others.
Website page for DDE

  ROOL updates DDE to release 31c
  nytrex (13:44 15/8/2023)
  markee174 (15:41 15/8/2023)
  Elesar (21:42 15/8/2023)
Alan Robertson Message #125485, posted by nytrex at 13:44, 15/8/2023
Posts: 101
*fix* 'fund their activities'

Nice to see some journalistic attention towards the good work improving the RISC OS developer tools.

[Edited by nytrex at 14:45, 15/8/2023]

[Edited by nytrex at 14:46, 15/8/2023]
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Mark Stephens Message #125486, posted by markee174 at 15:41, 15/8/2023, in reply to message #125485
Does all the
work around here

Posts: 141
*fix* 'fund their activities'
Fixed. Thanks for spotting.
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Robert Sprowson Message #125487, posted by Elesar at 21:42, 15/8/2023, in reply to message #125485
Posts: 40
Although not from this recent 31b/31c update, the C18 extensions to the DDE compiler were most welcomed.

More specifically the addition of static_assert(), which having been used to ASSERT in ObjAsm for writing assembler was oddly missing from C (ie. checking an assumption at compile time). Previously you'd have to either try to do a #if/#error/#endif test with the preprocess or resort to dummy typedef trickery.
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: ROOL updates DDE to release 31c