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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Upgrading your RISC OS system to 5.28

Upgrading your RISC OS system to 5.28

Posted by Mark Stephens on 15:23, 20/11/2020 |

With the arrival of RISC OS 5.28 you are probably thinking about updating an existing machine. This has become a lot easier with recent RISC OS releases.

With previous updates I have backed up my data and create a new RISC OS setup. This is no longer necessary, as you can now upgrade your system, retaining all your current settings.

So I am going to update my RaspberryPi 3 (which is running 5.27).
BACKUP your critical data
There is always a risk that the installation could cause errors. So BACKUP any thing which is important to you first.

Update the Disc contents
1. Download the HardDisc4.zip file onto your RISC OS machine.
2. Open the file and run the Obey file InSituBootUpdate. I ran this directly from the zip with no issues.

The installer will backup the files in !Boot

3. Copy the contents for Apps, Diversions, Documents, Printing, Utilities into your copies to replace everything with new RISC OS 5.28 versions.

1. Download the RISC OS 5.28 stable ROM (you do not need the complete SD card image just the ROM) from the Download page. As I am using a Pi, the correct file is this one

2. Copy the new files into PCLoader

3. Reboot

1. When you first reboot, you will get a black screen with a command line prompt and a scary error message about SWI &42701 Not Known
2. Type in RMReinit Squash
3. Press return
4. Reboot
5. You should now be running RISC OS 5.28. Check in the RISC OS info window.
I did need to reinstall CloudFS due to a known issue (which Elesar were very helpful as usual with) and then I was happily running as before.
Final thoughts
I upgraded the Operating Systems on both my Pi and my (Intel) Mac last weekend. The Mac installation was slicker and more automated but took a lot longer to download and install. Next time round I will update my copy of RPCEmu to 5.28
Useful links
There is a very helpful guide on upgrading and a really useful discussion forum thread here.

  Upgrading your RISC OS system to 5.28
  arenaman (20:29 20/11/2020)
  markee174 (09:54 21/11/2020)
    arenaman (18:59 21/11/2020)
      BernardUK (17:49 22/11/2020)
Michael Stubbs Message #124998, posted by arenaman at 20:29, 20/11/2020
Posts: 114
That took me about three minutes to do. Thank you for the easy to follow guide. I am not sure how slick or not the upgrade to MacOS Big Sur is because, unlike RISC OS Open, Apple has screwed up the deployment of the new OS, resulting in many customers being unable to even start downloading it.
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Mark Stephens Message #124999, posted by markee174 at 09:54, 21/11/2020, in reply to message #124998
Does all the
work around here

Posts: 144
BigSur needs a 12 gig download so you need decent internet. It takes about 30 minutes to run but is largely automated.

We have 2 Mac boxes we used for testing at work and we actually had less issues with this update than moving to Catalina. On BigSur, we had to move all out Python tests to use 3.9 as 3.6 is now broken.
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Michael Stubbs Message #125000, posted by arenaman at 18:59, 21/11/2020, in reply to message #124999
Posts: 114
Yeah, I've never had a problem with a MacOS upgrade up until now. I'm one of the people who just get the message saying that the upgrade could not be found. As a consequence, there is nothing to download.

Upgrading RISC OS was not as polished, but it was not exactly hard, and it worked first time for me. Without, I might add, getting the black screen first. Just straight into the desktop.

The script that sorted !Boot out was quite nifty. It only needs to take care of placing the ROMs and copying the new HardDisc4 image onto the old and we have ourselves a nice, automatic upgrader.
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Bernard Boase Message #125001, posted by BernardUK at 17:49, 22/11/2020, in reply to message #125000
Posts: 12
The script that sorted !Boot out was quite nifty.
Interesting also because it includes a demonstration of how to code and then execute a BASIC program all from within one Obey file.
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Upgrading your RISC OS system to 5.28