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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Rougol Talk January 2024 - Amcog Games

Rougol Talk January 2024 - Amcog Games

Posted by Mark Stephens on 06:13, 16/1/2024 |

The January 2024 talk was a hybrid meeting with Tony Bartram talking about the development of his latest game (Escape to the Light).

Tony was in the pub and had a video presentation of his Pi with the 20+ games he has written over the last decade. He has also written a Games development kit and a virtual Sound chip.

Wrote 3 games in 2023 - 3D turbo boost, A-Maze-ing and Timerun. All 3 were demoed. Timerun was written in 2-3 months. Original of Timerun written on BBC is 1988.

In 2024, Amcog will release an escape room game for the South-west Show and Escape to the Light for Wakefield.

Uses Blender for images in some of his games and lots of free windows tools. Does all his coding on RISC OS.

2 new games in development  Hugh Bowman:private investigator and Star Mine 2. Hopefully you will be able to see one at the London Show. Some ideas came from the retro arcades in Milton Keynes!

Games written on RISC OS and some then ported to other platforms. Has been  experimenting with AI to create images and ideas. 

Game levels are written in a text editor.

There was then time for Q and A.

As usual, details on talks available on the Rougol website.

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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Rougol Talk January 2024 - Amcog Games