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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Some photos sent in by a reader

Some photos sent in by a reader

Posted by Cmdr_Jameson on 00:00, 1/4/2009 | , , , , ,
Reader Mike sent in these pictures of something he found while out walking his ferret. Yes, we have readers with ferrets. Although the concept of a reader with a ferret confuses us, luckily we don't have to use our brains for this update because Mike was kind enough to send in some words to accompany the pictures.
Standard disclaimer: As most of you have probably noticed, this was our April Fool's piece for this year. If you liked our UK:Resistance theme used for the fool then you'll be glad to hear it's been added to the theme selector available from your account control panel. Of course in the end the joke was on us, because UK:R changed their website design from traditional red and black to their new colourful layout a couple of months ago. Oh well!
Click the owly pic above to see the article in its intended guise.

Risc PC 700 PORN
"Dear The Icon Bar, here are some pictures I took while out walking my ferret last weekend."
Risc PC 700 PORN
"I believe that you will find this very interesting, not for the fact that I own a ferret, but for what the pictures contain."
Risc PC 700 PORN
"As you can see I have followed the customary rules for taking multiple photos of the target object from a number of different distances, both to prove the authenticity of the find and to help build to a suspenseful conclusion."
Risc PC 700 PORN
"The object I found, a glorious one-slice Acorn Risc PC, was far from its natural habitat, and clearly the worse for wear."
Risc PC 700 PORN
"Perhaps it had been out drinking with friends the night before, only to get ambushed by faster, more power-hungry Wintel machines."
Risc PC 700 PORN
"If ever there was a case against knife crime in the UK, this would be it. - Mike"
Risc PC 700 PORN
Unfortunately Mike saw fit to take more photographs than write sentences, so we'll have to continue the rest of this on our own.
Risc PC 700 PORN
But that's OK - we've recovered from the news that Mike owns a ferret.
Risc PC 700 PORN
That's because we've now come to realise that this isn't any old down-and-out Risc PC.
Risc PC 700 PORN
This is a Risc PC 700!
Risc PC 700 PORN
Risc PC 700 PORN
Seemingly aware of this fact, Mike reaches in for a closer look...
Risc PC 700 PORN
This is illegal in most counties, you know.
Risc PC 700 PORN
You'd better clear your browsing history and burn your modem after finishing viewing this.
Risc PC 700 PORN
Will you look at the chips on that!
Risc PC 700 PORN
A StrongARM revision K! This was a high-class girl!
Risc PC 700 PORN
Come here baby, let me take a closer look...
Risc PC 700 PORN
Say, do you want to come back to my place? We could hang out...
Risc PC 700 PORN
Oh, sorry madam, I didn't realise.

Even though this girl is clearly well past her use by date and infested with disease, Mike still goes on to take over fifteen additional photos.
I don't know if you and your ferret get off on that kind of thing, but we certainly don't.
This is the last time we open any emails from a ferret owner. Or a Mike. We haven't decided yet.

  Some photos sent in by a reader
  Lampi (09:59 1/4/2009)
  filecore (10:45 1/4/2009)
    Lampi (14:10 1/4/2009)
      nunfetishist (14:55 1/4/2009)
James Lampard Message #109702, posted by Lampi at 09:59, 1/4/2009

Posts: 190

I like Drobe's effort too, but I can't find anywhere to post on it.
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Jason Togneri Message #109703, posted by filecore at 10:45, 1/4/2009, in reply to message #109702

Posts: 3867
This is real, as something similar happened to me. This is why I now own two RiscPC 700s. Even though it happens on April Fools' Day, don't be so quick to discount it - and with the RiscPC's sliding front panels as a handy door, it makes an excellent hutch for my pet weasel.
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James Lampard Message #109706, posted by Lampi at 14:10, 1/4/2009, in reply to message #109703

Posts: 190
Yep, my cynicism can often lead me up the garden path, I'm sorry I doubted this plausible tale.

Anyway Drobe's is still up after midday, so i guess they're the fools.
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Rob Kendrick Message #109707, posted by nunfetishist at 14:55, 1/4/2009, in reply to message #109706
Today's phish is trout a la creme.

Posts: 522
What's really foolish is assuming something magical happens at midday, or that Chris hasn't got better things to do, like work.
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Some photos sent in by a reader